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Hettinger Lutheran WELCA Meeting minutes Sunday, 3-11-18 at 11:00a.m. in the council room

Present: Val Braun, Virginia Earsley, Dyanne Erickson, Melana Howe, Arlinda Seamands, Donna Thomason, and Jill Sailer.

Arlinda opened the meeting with prayer.

Melana handed out the agenda and the topics kitchen, old dishes and dispersements were added under old business. The mental health committee was added under new business. Wednesday, April 11th we will meet again at 5:00p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

President’s report: The next church council will be on Tuesday, 3-13 and Melana will attend and represent WELCA.

Treasurer’s report: Virginia paid $227 in Thank offerings to the Badlands WELCA cluster. She also paid $76 in circle offerings to the cluster. Crystal Hanna and Inger Christensen each received $350 cash to help with their medical expenses. They each wrote thank you notes to WELCA. Virginia bought additional backsplash for our remodeled church kitchen. Arlinda moved to approve the treasurer’s report and Jill seconded it. We voted in approval.

Secretary’s report: The T8 lights for the kitchen are not LED lights. The check from Hospital Auxiliary that was from renting our kitchen for their turkey luncheon was written by Mary Krein. WELCA didn’t receive the check so it probably went into the church’s general fund. Virginia moved to approve the secretary’s report and Dyanne seconded it. We voted in approval.

Vice-president’s report: Janice wasn’t here so Val and Melana gave this report. The quilters have many more quilts to make because they got a late start. The bell tower has just been repaired, so the quilters can use their room.

Mission Growth: The next badlands cluster meeting is on April 28th at Medora. Arlinda would like to organize a list of who wants to go to the meeting. She will put an announcement in the bulletin and ask Della Christensen for help.

Mission Action: Melana will sow more backpacks for school kits for Lutheran World Relief.

Mission Community: Dyanne asked Adams County Social Services and the Adams County Development office if they would make folders welcoming new residents to the Hettinger Lutheran Church. They don’t do it, but she will ask again later. They have hired new people in the Development office and the Social Service office.

Kitchen remodeling: Melana visited with Jerry about finishing the backsplash in the church kitchen. He will be here sometime next week to finish remodeling. Arlinda will call Curt Drolc about the lights and the light with the fan attached.

Kitchen supplies: We need a spreadsheet that explains all kitchen items that are used and needed. Donna and Arlinda will work on making this list. Janice might help also. Virginia thinks that if we serve only bars at an afternoon funeral, one person can bring nuts and mints. Rent for using the kitchen should be decided by the church council. Groups that use the kitchen on a regular basis should sign an agreement. Virginia will check online to find a lid for our 25-cup coffee maker. Sandy Erdman helped us buy a new stainless-steel coffee maker.

Old business: Melana will ask church council for help in selling the old heavy green dishes. A free will offering might work for selling these to church members.

Dispersements: We should donate something to our quilters and the school backpack program. We’ll discuss this at our April meeting on Wednesday, April 11th at 5:00p.m.

Easter breakfast: We won’t be serving this year.

Jill Sailer