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Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 5-9-18, at 5:00p.m. in the Gathering Space

Present: Della Christensen, Virginia Earsley, Dyanne Erickson, Melana Howe, Arlinda Seamands, and Jill Sailer.

Arlinda opened the meeting with a prayer.

There were additions to the agenda. Under old business, we will discuss the Cluster meeting at Medora. Under new business, we will talk about a new location for a quilt room, the fall Cluster meeting, and the Rummage sale.

Arlinda went to the last Church Council meeting and she reported to us. The radio broadcast fund has $11,479 and WELCA was asked to move their donation to this fund into a fund for the parsonage. Pastor Kate wants to add a Wednesday evening service for the summer months, because people don’t come to Saturday evening church in the summertime. The Methodist church is having vacation bible school, so we could send a few children and teachers to their church. The windows in the church need to be fixed because they sometimes blow open. The railing in the balcony is too low and should be raised. The price for sponsoring a single radio broadcast has gone up to $85. The quilters would like to move their supplies to the Scout room in the basement. That way, more women might come to quilting. We need a more effective system for finding people to read, usher, and help with communion.

Virginia gave the treasurer’s report. The current balance is $10,777.85. We got a thank you from Mother’s Cupboard for our donation to them. We gave $1,000 to the milk and snack fund at the school instead of $500. Arlinda moved to accept the Treasurer’s report and Dyanne seconded it. Everyone voted in approval.

Jill read the Secretary’s report and the April balance should have read $16,638.81. Also, $1,000 was given to the milk and snack fund at the school. Virginia moved to accept the Secretary’s report and Della seconded it. Everyone voted in approval.

Melana read the Vice-President’s report. So far this year, there have been 7 funerals. Ninety large quilts were made, and 40 baby quilts were made. Several of these have been sold to church members. Some of these quilts were from last year. Most of the quilts will be distributed to places in this area. Some of these will be sent to Lutheran World Relief in the fall. School kits and personal care kits will also be sent in the fall. Della moved to approve the Vice-President’s report and Virginia accept it. Everyone voted in approval.

Dyanne gave the Mission Community report. She talked to Jasmin Fosheim from the Adams County Development Office about welcome kits for new Hettinger residents. Jasmin would like to work on this in June when she’s not so busy. New employees and patients might use the Chamber of Commerce website, so the website might need a link to Hettinger Lutheran.

Della gave a report on the Badlands Cluster meeting at Medora. Virginia gave our offering to Donna Olson of Reeder who is the treasurer of the Badlands Cluster. We gave $100 to the Badlands Cluster and $100 to the Synod Office. Della picked up a blue book of WELCA responsibilities that she gave to Melana. The new officers in the Cluster are from the Beach, Bowman, and Amidon areas. Richland Lutheran are a part of our Hettinger Lutheran group. Melana moved that we should buy a “Western Whirlwind” subscription for the Richland women. Della seconded it, and everyone voted in approval. Ninety chairs were purchased for the Badlands Ministries 90th Anniversary that is coming on July 21st. Lois Olmstead of Montana gave a very inspiring speech at this Cluster meeting. Hettinger Lutheran will host the next cluster meeting on Saturday 9-29. We should think of a theme and get a speaker from the area.

Arlinda gave us a kitchen update. We need to talk to Curt Drolc about the use of surge protectors for the new fridge and microwave. We need Curt’s opinion on new lights for the Fellowship Hall. In the catalogue, they cost anywhere between $89 and $130. They are not LED lights.

Virginia will talk to Suzie Reuther about giving $500 to the parsonage fund, instead of the radio fund.

The city-wide rummage sale is scheduled for Saturday 6-2, and Hettinger Lutheran will participate. Dyanne will oversee the rummage sale this year. We will set up on Friday, 6-1, starting at 9:00a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Our sale will start at 8:00a.m. on Saturday and go till 1:00p.m. Melana will talk about this on the radio tomorrow. Jill will contact the church office and the Chamber Office about advertising. Church members should have their rummage donations at the church before June. The Chamber Office should put our ad on the local access TV channel. Proceeds from the rummage sale will provide scholarships to children and counselors who plan to attend Badlands Bible Camp next summer. Proceeds from our bake sale in the Scout room will go to help certain people with medical expenses. WELCA callers will ask people to bring treats for the bake sale. If we need more discussion on the rummage sale, we’ll have a lunch meeting.

We are tentatively planning to have our fall dinner on Sunday, 9-30, the day after we host the Badlands Cluster meeting. We’ll talk about this more at our next meeting. We’ll meet on Wednesday, 6-6, at 5:00p.m. at the church.

Jill Sailer