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Welcome to Hettinger Lutheran Church! Here is what is happening!

By popular demand we have added the eGive button to our website to quickly sign up for this electronic service we have used for several years here at Hettinger Lutheran. You can give one time, weekly, monthly or annually. Call the office if you have questions!

What are the area strategy meetings?

Since 2005, representative from the churches north, south, and along Highway 12 have been meeting to discuss our hopes, dreams, and address the realities facing our ministries. A reoccurring theme at these meetings has been doing ministry together, the need for expanded lay leadership, and ideas about a regional parish.

Our Conversations so far . . .

In 2014, because of several of these meetings the Great Plains Theological Studies program was formed. GPTS is an education opportunity for people who want to deepen their theological and scriptural knowledge and/or position themselves to help provide more seasoned worship, teaching, or preaching leadership, is going strong! Area pastors have eagerly worked together planning, leading and mentoring participants in this wonderful program. Each year two semesters are offered featuring five classes and concluding with a retreat.

In April of 2017, Bishop Mark Narum joined us for our meeting. At this meeting, he shared the following information. Challenges that face our area and the entire nation on filling clergy vacancies. 75% of the 34 congregations in Western North Dakota Synod are currently or have been in the call process in the last seven years. Region 3, which we are in, received 19 candidates of the first call graduates, WND synod was assigned two of those 19 candidates. Also, in the next five to seven years at least a dozen western North Dakota pastors will be retiring. Bishop Narum challenged us to dream – what if we look at cooperative ministry.

On June 29th, we gathered together to support one another in our common struggles and to share ideas about areas we could partner together in co-operative ministry. Some of these areas were tech group, worship, education, clergy, supplies, music, fix-it group, intergenerational activities. We decided to meet again the following month.

In February of 2018, Bishop Narum joined us at our meeting again. He discussed with us about the idea of creating a cooperative ministry in Southwest North Dakota. At another meeting, a committee was formed to draft guiding principles, based off our discussion, to shape our process if we move forward.

Guiding Principles

Unnamed Highway 12 Lutheran Cooperative

  1. We are a community of congregations, large and small, that recognize a common faith and respect the gifts that each of us contributes.
  2. We have a primary purpose: to proclaim the Gospel through Word, Sacrament, and service.
  3. We are open to the creativity of the Holy Spirit, trusting that God will guide us to be innovative and creative in fresh, unimagined ways.
  4. We pledge ourselves to work together with honesty and integrity, responsible and accountable in engaging our resources for spirit-given opportunities.
  5. We expect to be drawn closer as we venture to do the work of God’s voice and hands in the world for all people.

What’s next?

*Pray about the future of our churches.

* Pray about this possible idea.

* Continue the conversation. Visit with your Pastor

or SAM and members of your churches council

about your questions or concerns about this


* Attend the Next Area Strategy Gathering (TBA).

Lord God, you have called your servants to ventures of which we cannot see the ending, by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown. Give us faith to go out with good courage, not knowing where we go, but only that your hand is leading us and your love supporting us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Hettinger Lutheran WELCA

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 7-11-18, at 5:00p.m. in the Fellowship Hall

Present: Rita Becker, Virginia Earsley, Dyanne Erickson, Melana Howe, JoAnn Jacobsen, Arlinda Seamands, Bonnie Smith, Donna Thomason, and Jill Sailer.

The meeting opened with Arlinda’s prayer.

President’s report: Melana missed the church council meeting, but she explained what was on the agenda for them. The big tree in the southwest corner of the property needs to be removed, because it is interfering with the foundation. Also, the Sunday school program was discussed at the council meeting.

Treasurer’s report: The balance is the same as last month at $12,207.28. We received a thank you note from Ryan Moser for our donation to the milk and snack program at the school. We made about $800 on the rummage sale last month. Each child that goes to the Badlands Bible Camp will get $100 from WELCA to help them pay for camp. Virginia doesn’t know how many kids went to camp, but we estimate that there might be seven. Bonnie will find out what kids went to camp so that the parents get their financial aid. Arlinda moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and JoAnn seconded it. Everyone voted in approval.

Secretary’s report: Jill read the Secretary’s report from the June meeting. It stated that if families don’t accept their $100 in financial aid for the Bible Camp, then their $100 would be donated to the camp. It should have stated that financial aid for the Camp would be given to the parents of each child attending the Bible Camp. JoAnn moved to approve the minutes and Melana seconded it. Everyone voted in approval.

Mission Action: JoAnn donated the right size school bags that she bought from the Oriental Trading catalogue. The requirements for the Lutheran World Relief kits are the same as last year. Except the Baby Care kits must include two diaper pins. The School Kits must not have pictures on the pencils or notebooks. This is to prevent any kind of advertising. The list of Lutheran World Relief supplies will be mailed when we mail the WELCA donation letter next month. Arlinda will rewrite the WELCA donation letter and we will include information on our Fall Dinner that will take place on Sunday, September 30th.

Mission Community: Dyanne didn’t get a chance to talk to Jasmin Fosheim about the welcome kits for Hettinger’s new residents. She will get to this later.

Kitchen updates: Arlinda is waiting for Curt Drolc, the electrician, to improve the lighting in the kitchen. Also, the kitchen supplies committee met and came up with a list of supplies that will be needed. We should have paper, foam, or chinet plates for 500. Maybe we could keep 100 plates in the kitchen and the rest could be locked up somewhere. The napkins and cups that advertise something should not be used for funerals. We will also need zip loc bags, coffee, lemonade, pickle spears and foil. Donna will look at pricing options on the coffee and lemonade. She will order pickle spears and foil. At our next meeting, we’ll talk about prices for supplies. Styrofoam cups without lids might be affordable. We’ll keep a list of all supplies. The supplies that get used at each funeral should be written down.

The Joe and Alleyne Clement family donated $8,000 for our kitchen remodeling. Is the Church Council planning to make a plaque that recognizes the Clement family’s contributions to our church funds? Melana will check with Church Council on this and we’ll discuss it at our next meeting.

Fall WELCA Cluster meeting: Melana visited with Carolyn Erickson, the former cluster president. We need to choose our own theme and speakers. When we decide on a theme, we will contact Lois Schmalz, the Badlands Cluster President. She will get our flyer out to all the churches in the Badlands Cluster. “Kindness, Truth, Generosity, and Service” are words in the first four chapters of Ephesians. We would like to use bookmarks that pertain to Christian service and should be colored with pencils. We decided that “Lord, let my Heart be Good Soil” would be our theme. We’ll ask either Bucyrus WELCA or Richland WELCA to prepare the morning coffee. Charlotte Kvale, the lay leader from Richland, might give devotions. Karen Nelson, from Hettinger, could lead the Bible study.

Fall Dinner: This will be Sunday, September 30th, the day after our Cluster meeting. We’ll use the same menu as last year: cheesy scalloped potatoes, ham, green beans with almonds, salads and cupcakes. The potatoes will be sliced a day ahead of time and we’ll plan to use 100 lbs. of potatoes. Donna will order a ½ case of green beans and we need one more 10 lb. package of ham.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, 8-8-18, at 5:00p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. JoAnn moved to adjourn the meeting and Rita seconded it. We voted in approval. The meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer.

Jill Sailer

WELCA Secretary