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Job Description

Hettinger Lutheran Church Office Assistant

To assist the pastor with clerical/office duties, to coordinate the care and ongoing maintenance of the church building and grounds, and to act as a church liaison towards our congregation and larger community.

Hours: 20 hours/week if cleaning the building is included in the role. Specific office hours will be set.

Qualifications: Must be a high school graduate with some computer/word processing knowledge.

Job Duties: Will be working in Microsoft, Facebook, HLC website, and using a copy machine and fax. Will be answering phone and relaying messages, managing mail and filing bills, ordering office supplies and supplies for the church, maintaining church records, and attending meetings as assigned. Will monitor the building maintenance needs and contact contractors as directed.

Will report to the pastor or the church council president.

Clerical/Office Duties:

Publications: Format and print bulletins, wedding and funeral programs, certificates for Baptism, First Communion, & Confirmation; annual reports, synod reports, attendance records, and any items needed by Parish Ed, WELCA, Council, etc.


Phone: Answer phone and relay messages. Use proper phone etiquette. Keep answering machine message up-to-date.

E-mail: Check frequently and respond.

Website: Insure this is kept updated.

Facebook: Post Sunday readings and uplifting messages weekly. Post upcoming events/announcements (Harvest Festival, Sunday School dates/cancellations, Confirmation Sunday, Christmas program, etc.)

Mail: Get mail daily and route to proper place.


Bank Statements: File appropriately.

Bills: Attach receipts, stamp with GL#, file in “Bills by month” binder for payment.

Donations: Route to financial secretary.

Supplies: Monitor and order office supplies, pulpit supplies, Sunday School supplies, and anything needed for committees or as requested for church functions.

Record Keeping: Maintain Church Record book recording Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, Weddings, Funerals, Pastors, Council members, and events of historical importance. Keep a copy of every bulletin.

Scheduling: Schedule all building and room requests.

Maintenance/Care of Building and grounds: Do daily building check for water leaks, odd smells, non-functioning systems/equipment, people in the building, and cleaning needs. Restock bathroom supplies. Empty basement dehumidifiers daily and fill choir loft humidifier daily during winter. Maintenance needs include:

Heating System

Air Conditioners


Lawn sprinklers

Lawn Care

Snow Removal

Liaison to congregation and larger community:

Welcome visitors and congregation members with a smile and assist with question/concerns, referring to pastor or appropriate person. You are the first impression most people will have of our church. Act in a professional, helpful, pleasant and compassionate manner.

Represent HLC in all contact with the community, parishioners, other churches, law enforcement, and other agencies.

Assist community/transient needs by referring to ministerial association through sheriff’s office. Maintain personal care supplies in nursery and bathrooms for those in need.

Attend Council meetings or provide a report.

Maintain confidentiality regarding church matters.

Dress in a manner appropriate to the position.


Vacuum: Entries and stairs weekly. Upstairs (Upper room and choir loft), main floor (offices, and church proper), and downstairs (rooms and fellowship hall) monthly and as needed after events.

Dusting: Monthly and as needed.

Bathrooms: Clean weekly and as needed after events.

Deep cleaning (carpet cleaning, kitchen) will be hired or done by congregation.Job Description